How to Turn Off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8

Today, i m going to help you How to Turn Off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 8. Couple of days back Microsoft has released its windows 8 consumer preview version to the public. So that users can test it and send feedback to Microsoft about bugs, error and problems occurring in the windows 8 OS. It will be more helpful for windows 8 developers. So they can rectify and solve the problems in the upcoming official windows 8 versions.

One the major important thing is windows 8 is its security. It was designed in such a way that there are very less chances of running malware in the operating system. There was an option called Smart Screen filter which will helps in prevent running of any use less application. It pop ups with an alert asking whether you want to run the application or not. When you run the third part applications on windows 8 it will shows the following screen.
If you are interested in running the app then you can navigate by clicking on the more info on this screen and select the run anyway option on the screen which looks like image below.
Many of you may not like this because it consumes bit amount of time while installing the apps. I know this will irritate you more and more. So better you can remove, turnoff or disable this smartscreen filter in your control panel of windows 8. The steps are listed below.
Now go the first option action center and on the left hand side bar you will see an option “Change Windows Smart Screen settings
Now after clicking this option a pop up display box will appears as shown in the image below.
Select the third option i.e., Don’t do anything (turn off windows smartscreen ) as shown in the above image. And select the option Ok. That’s it you are done. And from now you will not see the popup asking for the permission to run the application.

If you are expert in all this thing then you can easily disable it according to your need. Wether if you are novice and beginner user like me better I will recommend you to keep the app turns on always because it will protect your PC/Laptop from running the malwares and antivirus automatically.

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