Dr.Fone For Android - The Best Data Recovery Software

There are many software's available in the market to recover your lost data of smartphone. Many of them are freely available and most of them are paid versions. Freely available software is not much capable of restoring lost data back. But from paid ones which one you should buy, Dr. Fone is the answer. Through this software you can recover your almost 100% deleted data. Files which you have deleted accidently or formatted from the device. Those deleted files still remains on the storage memory of your smartphones.You can recover those files with the help of Dr. Fone. 

Dr. Fone is ranked world’s no.1 quick, safe and simple Android data recovery software to recover lost data like contacts, pictures, text messages, audio files, documents, videos, and many more.
Using Dr. Fone For Android you can recover your lost data in just 3 simple and easy steps as:

1. Connect your device.

2. Scan your device. Preview all the contacts, messages, WhatsApp history, photos, documents, and other data that are available for recovery. Then select just the files that you want to restore.

3. Recover your data. And your lost data is recovered.

You can recover your all types of Android files through this software whether it is Contacts, Message, Photos, Videos, Audios and Documents, Even you can recover your Whatsapp data also.

This software is supportable for almost for 2000 + Android platform running devices i.e. smartphones, tablets from all when known brands such like Samsung, Google ,HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Zte and many more brands.

Among these you can recover Contacts, Camera Roll, Notes, Reminder, Messages Photostream, Call History, Voice Memo, Voice Mail, Calendar,Safari Bookmark,WhatsApp History, Photo Library, App Video, App Photos and App Documents.

For android it comes with compatibility on Windows Operating System.

You can go to the product page of Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android.

Or you can use Trail Version. In trial version user can only recover lost data up to 5 Android smart phones and the recovery success varies with loss circumstances and device condition.

Download Olx App for Android Devices

As you all know OLX is one of the best India's largest marketplace available for the people, who usually sell their stuff easily in the online just by posting free classified ads. While comes to the benefits of OLX there are a lot of things i need to explain to the people who don't know most of them. Users can search their ads based on location like you want to find the products on specific location in India, then just select the option right above top of the page. Sellers can also add their full description of the product with high quality photos which they want to sell and it will help the buyers to identify the product condition like scratches and broken small things. Recently they released a olx free app for the mobile users, now they can surf product ads in mobile itself and it will save a lot of time, there will be no need to open the full desktop website.
Now OLX for android app helps the users to connect the website at anytime. With single touch users can post free ads, attach photos, add information, able to ask queries to seller incase if you want more information about the product. With olx people can increase their online business with simple strategy. Olx connects with most popular social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Sellers can add their geographical location with inbuilt embedded maps and it help buyers to locate the seller location without any hassles. While downloading the olx application make sure that you have proper internet connection at least 256 kbps. Browsing olx on mobile is great experience easy to search the products on based on your interests like mobile phones, real estate, Home & lifestyle, vehicles, jobs & services. Hurry up and download the free olx app for android devices from Google play store.

How to Root Moto G with Superboot

Developers are pretty interested in Motorola's Moto G android device, they created a simple tool named superboot for rooting both Moto G single and dual sim devices. Currently the phone is loaded with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS and motorola promised it will get an latest Android 4.4 Kitkat Update in 2 months. Once users rooted their device, they can get full access on  the device and also privilege to take backup of entire OS. Incase of any malfunction happened to the phone, you can restore the Android OS with that help of titanium backup application. There are many things you can do like installing custom ROM's, kernel modification gives extra performance and also unlocking bootloader. Don't be afraid this rooting tool supports all kind of firmware and build versions which are available in different region moto g devices.
Rooting will voids the warranty and you will no longer receive OTA updates. But you can get warranty by installing stock factory OS again.

Disclaimer: Please note that neither we nor the developer is responsible for any damage your device might incur during this process. Please proceed at your own risk.


1. The rooting procedure only applicable for  Motorola Moto G XT1033 and XT1032 variants. Don't try it on any motorola device, it will leads to serious damage.

2. Minimum battery should be 50% mandatory.

3. For Enable USB debugging on your Moto G. You have to navigate to Setting>About Phone, there tap on Build Number many times until developer option is enabled. Then you can get access to the developer options and there you can enable USB debugging.

Warning: Before starting the rooting process, your device must have unlocked the bootloader. For unlocking the bootloader go to motorola website. If you still want to root, then i'm not responsible if anything happens to the device.

Steps and Guide to Root Moto G using Superboot

1. Download rooting tool superboot from here. After downloading the zip file extract it using winrar.

2. Now turn off the device. 

3. Again power on the device while holding the volume down button to enter into fastboot mode.

4. Open the extraction folder, there you can see superboot-windows.bat file. Right click on the file and select Run as Administrator.
5. Connect the device to PC via USB cable.

6. Once your device is recognized by the PC. Rooting process starts automatically and it will be completed in 2 or 3 minutes.

7. In case you are using Mac PC, then you have to open terminal and go to the extraction folder. Type the following commands

chmod +x superboot-mac.sh
sudo ./superboot-mac.sh

8. For Linux users, open the terminal window and go to the extraction folder. Type the following commands one by one 

chmod +x superboot-linux.sh
sudo ./superboot-linux.sh

9. Once process is completed and reboot the phone.

Cloud Hosting and its Benefits

Before going deep into the Cloud Review and its benefits, I should first explain the cloud computing techniques to all my readers so that they could better know how the cloud hosting and cloud servers work. All of you will be well acquainted with the dedicated servers which have the fixed single server software which is compatible to the designated hardware only.

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However, in case of cloud servers, there are a huge number of server softwares which adjust automatically when a particular hardware fails to handle the visitors. You would also be aware about the cloud computing nowadays and small businesses are rapidly shifting from the traditional dedicated servers to the cloud servers. 

And the cloud servers are provided by many hosting brands which also offer more features. So, here are the benefits of choosing cloud hosting to grow your business. Hope you will understand my point of view. Have a look.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

Stability & Security

Since, this is the major aspect of the businessmen who want to keep their business safe, secure and stable on the web from the threats and hackers, cloud computing offers much stability and security to the users.

Cloud hosting never relies on the hardware and thus if any hardware problems occur, no worries, cloud server will be automatically handling the problem so as to provide stability to your blog. Other cloud servers are independent from yours’. So, if another person overloads his/her cloud server, it will not affect yours.


Since, the traditional dedicated servers are very high priced;the cloud hosting can be a better choice which costs as much as one third of that of dedicated servers.

Cloud hosting servers are said to be having the best stability/ cost ratio.

Flexibility & Scalability

The term flexibility refers to the times when a server experiences a huge amount of traffic and gets overloaded. In that case, the traditional dedicated servers, fail but cloud hosting servers are quite flexible as the servers automatically create applications which work to handle the traffic by splitting the traffic into various virtual machines.

Moreover, if a person wants to choose the next level cloud hosting (i.e. upgrading the cloud hosting with more CPU, RAM, memory and disk space configuration), he/can do it very fast and your blog and data will be shifted to next level in less time. Thus the scaling feature is also significant in the cloud hosting.

Easy To Use

Cloud servers do not need a professional IT team to handle the things. It is very easy to use for the people for the welfare of their business as cloud hosting provides many tools which are responsible for the auto-managing and auto-setting the blogs whenever required.

Energy Efficient

Cloud hosting has the servers which consume 30% less energy than the dedicated ones. Thus cloud hosting are more eco-friendly than the others and thus helping the climate authorities in cutting the carbon emissions and thus helping in the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Disaster Recovery

Since, if a dedicated server fails and to recover your data, you need to again install the operating system, restore the files and databases from the backups, it is very time consuming usually in hours.

On the other hand, if a cloud server fails,the requirement of powering on the cloud server backup image is there and the cloud server restores the data in minutes.

In addition to the above features, cloud hosting also has higher speed than the dedicated servers.

I hope the above Cloud hosting benefits are well understood by all and now the reason of SMEs shift to cloud hosting is justified undoubting. Top 10 cheap hosting 2014 also explained in previous post If you have any queries regarding benefits of cloud hosting or some other context, do comment below.

How to Root Micromax Funbook Infinity P275

The main factor at which Micromax is doing most of its business is the price. They have released number of Android smartphones at reasonable price and exceptional hardware specifications and that’s what driving force for the increasing number of sales is. The Micromax Funbook Infinity P275 is also the outcome of this experiment which has been very successful so far.

If you're searching for an in-depth steps guide on how to root Micromax Funbook Infinity P275, I would recommend you to stop right here. Before we get starting with the root guide, let me give a quick overview of the specifications of this Android tablet.

The tablet packs Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich, 1.2 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, Dual Mali 400 GPU and decent battery backup.
Rooting can be dangerous and your phone can void your warranty. If anything goes wrong then you may end up with a “Bricked” or “Damaged” device. All the tutorials are collected from various sources and our main motive is to provide you the best. If you will need to claim the warranty in the future, neither developers nor www.techdraginfo.blogspot.com will be responsible for that. So follow the tutorials on your own risk.

Before You Start

• You're following this tutorial on your own risk and nobody should be held responsible for any damage.
• I recommend you to start rooting your device only when you've 75% or more battery left on your device.
• Rooting voids warranty and same is the case for this device too.
• Rooting doesn't really removes anything from the internal or SD card memory however, you should backup all the important stuff from your mobile before going ahead with this guide.
• You can use an app called Super Backup to take backup of SMS and contacts.

Steps to Root Micromax Funbook P275

1. Download Micromax Funbook Infinity P275 rooting package from here and extract the contents of file on your computer.

2. At this point in time, you need to make sure that you've enabled USB debugging on your tablet. You can enable it by going into the settings > applications > developer options.

3. Change the Connectivity Option from MTP to Mass Storage in Settings --> Storage --> Options --> USB computer connection.

4. Now open the extracted folder, you will able to see runme.bat file. Double click on RunMe.bat file and subsequently, Linux users can click on RunMe.sh file.

5. Choose an 1 option called Normal from the list and hit enter to proceed.

6. It will ask you connect the tablet to the PC. Connect the device and the rooting process will be started.

7. You would be asked for data restore file and encryption password. Ignore this message about encryption password and click on restore my data.

8. After sometime, you'll see an option – “Press any key to continue”.

9. You now need to wait for some time so that the device restarts itself automatically. I would recommend you to wait for more time to do its automatic restart.

Incase you wanna unroot the Micromax Funbook Infinity P275 tablet simply selection option x in the tool and follow onscreen instructions.

How to check if you've rooted your device successfully or not?

Please open app drawer and look for an app called Superuser. If the app is present in app drawer, you can certainly come to the conclusion that you've successfully rooted your Android device.