How to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive

Today, we will help you how to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive. When your PC switch off suddenly due to any hardware failures or software error problems. If you are regular computer user; you may know that a hard drive failure is an unpredictable situation. It happens very often that your hard drive gets crashed and you ultimately lose you precious saved data and files leading to great discontentment and grief. It's really a worst condition when you are working on an important file or data or picture etc and suddenly everything gets blank and Oh God, your hard disk breaks down. And it becomes even more critical when you don't have any backup installed in your computer at all.
Though crashing hard drive means total data loss from your computer system but now with the advancements in IT technology, it has become possible to recover your data or file or work when the hard drive stops booting. There are various methods with which you can recover your important data and fix the problem at the ease of your own comfort without waiting for the technician to come. Here I am discussing how to recover your data from a crashed hard drive. Some times your pc may crash due to virus attacks. So in order to avoid such situtatuions you need to secure your pc with good antivirus softwares.

The first step to be taken for solving the problem is to take out the crashed hard drive from the system. Then install this hard drive in another computer as a secondary drive having Windows installed on it. After it, boot into Windows and install PC Inspector File Recovery. The software is available at free of cost and we provided the download link of the application at the end of the article. But always install it on the primary drive to avoid the over-writing of files you are going to restore. After downloading the PC Inspector File Recovery, open it and select the language. The software is compatible for all windows versions xp/vista/7 and windows 8. A welcome screen will appear with having three options in it:
Recover deleted files

This option enables you to restore only those files which have been deleted permanently from your drive and have not been over-written yet.

Find lost data

By choosing this option, you will be able to recover the data which has been lost as a result of hard drive crash. With this option, you will further get two more options of "start cluster" and "end cluster". It's better to leave the scanning process of entire drive as it takes a long time depending on the size of your drive.

Find lost drive

It is the third option which should be used when you don't see your drive letter in my computer or windows explorer. This option will help you connect the drive and to find your lost data.

But in the case, if there is no secondary computer to work with, go for the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. With the help of UBCD, you will be able to boot into Windows which will then run utilities on the damaged drive that will help you solve the issue. With UBCD, you gain an access to various utilities and PC Inspector File Recovery is also one of them which can be run on the system from a CD. For creating UBCD for Windows, you require a PC with Windows XP and XP Installation CD. To keep your crashed hard drive into the freezer is also a successful method to recover the data or files. Download Here

If all of the above mentioned methods not work, It's time to send your hard drive in the hands of a computer technicians who will use any data recovery tool or apps to help you recover your lost data successfully. However, you may also search for a data recovery software online and get it installed on your computer system.

Hard drive crash is a common problem that can happen with anybody at any time. So search for the right option and save your precious data and files from getting corrupted.

Ilya Elbert writes for several ITSupportDenver and Computer Repair Denver companies.

Download Link for PC Inspector File Recovery


  1. Hi..really very important information shared. I will share this blog with others too. Keep sharing such type of information.

  2. My laptop crashed recently and it didn't really start. I just asked a colleague of mine to fix it and recover my files. I honestly do not know how to do it myself. I didn't know I could just install the hard drive on another computer. I should have read your post earlier. :(

  3. I sure need this information about installation of the hard drive on other pc because my computer is now giving me some pain. It may crash anytime soon. lol

  4. Whatever type of array, you use, RAID 5 recovery is only possible, with the help of a professional. This is because of, restoring files, from RAID arrays, which is quite complex.

  5. My system crashed few months ago. I was using 2 OS. Although I ve recovered all drives in previous states except one (Win 7 installation drive). I ve tried lot of recovery tools bt no avail. Any help will be much appreciated

  6. You may have more success attaching your drive to a system running Linux instead of Windows. Linux often has a better chance at accessing data from a secondary drive. If you are successful, be sure to copy the data off ASAP to a new healthy drive! If you still have issues, feel free to visit us at

  7. Great explanation. It will be interesting to see what kind of data recovery can be accomplished on a solid state hard drive. To be continued, I suppose.

  8. My Hard disk is not even detecting in other pc. kindly suggest :'(

  9. In the last line of this post has been written that you have to go for technician.So i can suggest it support for this.It is the best only option which can help you to recover the data.