Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO 32-Bit/64-Bit

Today Microsoft has released their latest updated build version 8250 of windows 8 OS. Now it will be officially available for users to download free windows 8 consumer preview in ISO format with both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems (OS). Since the developer version was released in september 2011, at that time they didn’t added more features to OS. Now in this consumer preview they done a lot of tweaks and improved the 100,000 codes to make the OS very efficient and runs easily all kind of Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks and ultrabooks without any problems.
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So let us now explore that whats new in there is no much worthy improvements more did had the OS –wide spell check which was been a request by the people by many lots of people and had a replaced start button with a start preview thumbnail which that displays and previews the start screen on the top and interface that would allows to your cycle throughout all of your opened apps –and had introduced a Fly out notification.

The best of part is vastly improved boot time where the Microsoft had added a feature called “boot forward” in the windows. Now you windows 8 will boot with in 8 seconds on your PC or Laptop.

So the consumer preview version is around why not you look around by yourself the developer version had around 50,000 downloads mark with in just 24 hrs after its release and had hit around 3 million mark by the December let it will be interesting how much does this consumer preview does get the traction .

Hence you know that windows 8 is a Multi touch enabled OS so you need to have a multi touch capable tablet or a monitor to get supported by that feature.

NOTE: Before you installing the windows 8 into your PC. You need to check for the minimum system requirements to run the windows 8 OS perfectly without any lagging.

Processor: 1GHz processor either Intel or AMD
RAM: 1GB is needed to make the OS very fast
Hard Disk: 16GB HDD space is required
Graphics: Directx 9 with either Nvidia or AMD GPU’s

Now it is up to you that which version does suits you. Now Windows 8 ISO will available with direct download links from official Microsoft website. I think this time you don't need to download the windows 8 OS from either torrent or file hosting servers.

DOWNLOAD- Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO (64 BIT) x64 -3.3GB

DOWNLOAD- Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO (32 bit) x86 - 2.5 GB

For other Languages of windows 8 OS you need to go this Official Site.

Product Key of Windows 8: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J. This key will help you to activate your windows 8 OS into Genuine. Now you can get live updates from Microsoft via Windows Update Manager.


  1. The UI of the windows 8 is really awesome :) i just running it on my computer.

    1. hey men can you sent me de installer to my email because i was trying on that link but it doesn't work now

    2. you can get latest Windows 8 version from here Download 32-bit OS

  2. i installed windows 8 on my both pc and laptop it was really fast and added much more feature to this consumer preview edition. :)

  3. If any one, have a any idea about what are extra futures will added in windows 8? please list out refer any url?

  4. amazing...look and feel
    will anxiously wait for it to be available in the market

  5. look window 8 very cool. i liked it! ^^

  6. i've 2.2GHz processor 1MB L2 cache,ATI Mobality Radeon !M HD 4570 512MB VRAM graphic card & 3GB RAM with320GB harddisc but still getting a problem during installation of win8...what should i do now ?????

  7. windows 8 is so cool , fast , amaging but it's not support properly lenovo network adapter . (MY laptop Lenovo Z560 i5 processor )

  8. i download this windows 8 iso file. but can open. if i open iso file show dialog box " file formate invalid"

  9. may be downloaded iso file was corrupted. Download the file once again.

  10. I downloaded, but the iso file is only 2MB!!??