Cloud Hosting and its Benefits

Before going deep into the Cloud Review and its benefits, I should first explain the cloud computing techniques to all my readers so that they could better know how the cloud hosting and cloud servers work. All of you will be well acquainted with the dedicated servers which have the fixed single server software which is compatible to the designated hardware only.

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However, in case of cloud servers, there are a huge number of server softwares which adjust automatically when a particular hardware fails to handle the visitors. You would also be aware about the cloud computing nowadays and small businesses are rapidly shifting from the traditional dedicated servers to the cloud servers. 

And the cloud servers are provided by many hosting brands which also offer more features. So, here are the benefits of choosing cloud hosting to grow your business. Hope you will understand my point of view. Have a look.

Cloud Hosting Benefits

Stability & Security

Since, this is the major aspect of the businessmen who want to keep their business safe, secure and stable on the web from the threats and hackers, cloud computing offers much stability and security to the users.

Cloud hosting never relies on the hardware and thus if any hardware problems occur, no worries, cloud server will be automatically handling the problem so as to provide stability to your blog. Other cloud servers are independent from yours’. So, if another person overloads his/her cloud server, it will not affect yours.


Since, the traditional dedicated servers are very high priced;the cloud hosting can be a better choice which costs as much as one third of that of dedicated servers.

Cloud hosting servers are said to be having the best stability/ cost ratio.

Flexibility & Scalability

The term flexibility refers to the times when a server experiences a huge amount of traffic and gets overloaded. In that case, the traditional dedicated servers, fail but cloud hosting servers are quite flexible as the servers automatically create applications which work to handle the traffic by splitting the traffic into various virtual machines.

Moreover, if a person wants to choose the next level cloud hosting (i.e. upgrading the cloud hosting with more CPU, RAM, memory and disk space configuration), he/can do it very fast and your blog and data will be shifted to next level in less time. Thus the scaling feature is also significant in the cloud hosting.

Easy To Use

Cloud servers do not need a professional IT team to handle the things. It is very easy to use for the people for the welfare of their business as cloud hosting provides many tools which are responsible for the auto-managing and auto-setting the blogs whenever required.

Energy Efficient

Cloud hosting has the servers which consume 30% less energy than the dedicated ones. Thus cloud hosting are more eco-friendly than the others and thus helping the climate authorities in cutting the carbon emissions and thus helping in the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Disaster Recovery

Since, if a dedicated server fails and to recover your data, you need to again install the operating system, restore the files and databases from the backups, it is very time consuming usually in hours.

On the other hand, if a cloud server fails,the requirement of powering on the cloud server backup image is there and the cloud server restores the data in minutes.

In addition to the above features, cloud hosting also has higher speed than the dedicated servers.

I hope the above Cloud hosting benefits are well understood by all and now the reason of SMEs shift to cloud hosting is justified undoubting. Top 10 cheap hosting 2014 also explained in previous post If you have any queries regarding benefits of cloud hosting or some other context, do comment below.

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