How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Galaxy Nexus/Nexus S

Today our tutorial How to Unlock Bootloader and Root Galaxy Nexus/Nexus S with One Click Root Toolkit. Now Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S Jelly Bean updated US and UK devices can be easily rooted by using One Click Root Toolkit without any problems. This toolkit was released by XDA dev forum senior member m.sabra. We all must say thanks to developer who has designed a unique special tool to do our things easily like unlocking bootloader, Root and install custom clockworkmod CWM recovery to flash roms on Galaxy Nexus/Nexus S just with One Click.
Previously it was a cumbersome process to root the Nexus Devices manually as you would need to install adb and fastboot drivers on your PC and execute the commands your own and there was more chances of bricking your device with wrong command. But now developers have made it safer and easy to root Nexus phones with just one click toolkit.

Supported Phone Variants:

Samsung Nexus S: Nexus S GSM, Nexus S 4G, models I9020T, I9023, I9020A
Galaxy Nexus: Galaxy Nexus GSM, Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE models

Warning: Unlocking Bootloader and rooting your device voids warranty. Please proceed at your own will. We or the developer would not be responsible for any issue caused by following this procedure or using the toolkit.


1. Before starting the rooting procedure, I want you to know that in this process you would lose all your data on your Galaxy Nexus device.

2. To prevent them, you need to backup them to some safe location may be on your Computer, Google account or on SD card wherever you like. So, please take care of SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Images, Videos, Music, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and APN (Access Point Name) Settings, etc.

3. After creating the backup, put you’re Nexus on charger to charge it to 70% so it won’t disturb the process due to any power issue.

4. Disable antivirus and other security applications in the PC.

5. Navigate to the path ‘Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging’ to Enable the USB Debugging option.

6. Make sure that USB drivers will be installed on the PC for the Galaxy Nexus Devices.

Assume that you have followed all the instruction carefully, before applying rooting process on your device. Follow the below guide.

Steps and Procedure to Unlock, Root and Install Clockwokmod on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S

1. Download the One Click Root Toolkit zip link from here to you PC. (File Name: Size: 22.23 MB)

2. When it is done, extract the zip file to find its contents in a single folder. There is no need to install any other drivers separately for your device as drivers are included in this package. In case your device drivers is not installed then you go to drivers folder and install them.

3. Open the folder there you will get one file name with root.exe. Double click and Run the application in the PC. A command prompt window will be opened and it will ask you press any key to continue.

4. Then, connect your Galaxy Nexus device to the Computer via USB data cable and press key to proceed to further step.

5. After connecting the device to PC. Here you need to specify your device model based on options. I selected Galaxy Nexus GSM because right now I’m using that device. For selecting the Galaxy Nexus GSM type 1 in the keyboard.
6. In this step, it will show you two options 1. Locked and 2. Unlocked. If your Galaxy Nexus GSM device is unlocked already then select option 2. If not unlocked then you must select the option 1.
7. This is the step the device will be rooted by installing SuperSU app. Select option 2 here. It will root and install clockworkmod recovery on the device.
8. The rooting process will be started and don’t do anything right now. After completion of rooting the device will reboot as usual.

Note: If you find any shots of problem or it hangs then take off your battery and place it back. Now try to re run this tool.

10. Congratulation! You have successfully rooted your Galaxy Nexus with One Click Root Toolkit.


  1. I was considering unlocking my Samsung S but you know I just don't have any use for doing ti so I've never wasted the time. It's cool people are doing this! They deserve the right to control their own phone.

  2. (waiting for device)in command prompt window
    what to do?

  3. connect the device to PC. that's it!

  4. I was searching the web to unlock my Nexus s. This post is just awesome and my problem is solved. I appreciate your post, this helped me.

  5. Oh..thanks dear..i was looking for that whole day long..but didn't find good one with screenshot like this one..i am really glad you given the tutorial :) thanks again :)

  6. This stuff is down t earth, hats off buds out there.
    how to unlock a samsung

  7. This tutorial with screenshots will really help those who wants to root their Samsung Galaxy Nexus ....::)

  8. my phone was already connected and it even to went bootloader mode without even doing anything. but it say waiting for device. there another problem in my phones setting it shows its I9023 but in the bootloader it shows I9020, help!!!

  9. your device is not recognized by the rooting tool?

  10. hello! thank you for the guide.

    i'd like to ask you something:

    1) when i connect the phone to pc, does it have to be turned on or turned off?

    2) i have nexus s i9020t, the drivers inside the pack are the right one?

    3) does it work for android 4.1.2?

    4) do i need to install super user beforE super SU, or can i intall only super SU

    thank you

  11. 1) your device must be turned on while connecting to the PC.

    2) the USB drivers are compatible for your specific device.

    3) It works on Jelly Bean 4.1 but don't know whether it works on latest JB 4.1.2 update. Try it urself

    4)Install anyone of them better to select super SU app.

  12. ok, thank you...i can try, but if it doesn't work, what will happen to my phone? brick or other things?

  13. nothing will happen to your device. This tool gives the error message if the phone is not compatible.