What is CloudOn for iPad and How to Download It?

Ipad is supposedly the eventual replacement for a laptop, integrating all the functions and facilities that a laptop brings to you home and workspace. However, if you are unable to access word documents, edit them and share them, it remains a major flaw in iPad’s race to replace laptops.

CloudOn attempts to redeem this drawback by bringing to your iPad the three major desktop office suites, hosted remotely by a version of Microsoft office suite. Before the CloudOn application, most of the suites available on iPad were actually developed for the iPhones. CloudOn lets you use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your Apple Tablet.

It is also the first application that offers it technology to Apple tablets, specifically the iPad. The entire application functions online, thus there is no need for users to purchase the entire suite. You can simply buy the software service.

How to download it for your iPad?

First, you will need to download the as-of-now free CloudOn application on your iPad via iTunes site, as you would do for any other application. However, there is a possibility that later on, you may have to actually purchase the app. Needless to say; your device must have internet activity. Also, the CloudOn app will only work for tablets having iOS 4.2 or later. 

  • Go to the iTunes application store, it should be on your home page of the iPad.
  • Search for “CloudOn” through the Search Box.
  • A iTune page for CloudOn will appear and now you will have to click/tap on the button that says “free”. Tap it again to confirm installation.
  • Now you will need to enter your iTunes password. This will start the download and you can check the progress too.
  • What you will also need to make this software work on your iPad is the Dropbox application. Dropbox is another online service that lets you store and share files and factors with other users. Thus it is mandatory that you have Dropbox account along with the CloudOn app. You can either visit www.dropbox.com to sign up or be redirected to the said website when d are installing CloudOn for the first time.
  • For your benefit, the documents you create on CloudOn will be automatically saved in your Dropbox account, reducing your efforts for syncing the two. Here you can dowload the app here

What Can You Use it for?

All the editing tools in Microsoft Office are present in this CloudOn software. You can edit, insert, animate, format and save your documents. The look is also familiar like the Office suite on your Desktop.

What Are The Limitations?
Of course, the CloudOn is still in the experimental stage and their might be some drawbacks and bugs that you may find hindering your work. You should be able to upgrade as and when newer versions are released and made available. You can also access the help center on CloudOn, no charges required. The only difficulty you may face is that this application along with the Dropbox is only available as long as you have internet connectivity. There is no way of accessing your data locally.
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