Download Facebook Chat Instant Messenger for Desktop

Download Free Facebook Chat Instant Messenger(IM) Client for your Windows 7/Vista/XP Desktop PC’s, Laptops or Notebooks. Well the Facebook has officially launched their new simple application tool on the desktop which it will help the users to allow check all their events and notifications that was which received on the Facebook account without opening the browser or the explorer and you need not have to navigate to the website where you see your feeds and notifications directly to the desktop.

And the notifications which were you received on the Facebook such as the 3rd party application notifications should to be get configured by yourself on the Facebook. The security issues also be concerned where as the features like the security thread however that Facebook desktop directly do redirects the users to the respective requesting page for the permission which therefore that it shows that the client software never uses or capture the users password and the username.

Facebook desktop is much intended resembled to the same as the IM client interface and does shows a display picture of the last events and this is can be poor for the some of the users which might to like their windows live messenger.

As it is now a just a 1.0 version so the Facebook will might do make some upgrade to its messenger. if you really a Facebook user who like the and want to be get connected without signing in and opening browser this application is much helpful and ,this client messenger software would help to save your time logging time process and you don't need to log into your account each and every time to check your status, notifications and friends request.

And over it this software does have the advantages and rather its disadvantages too well this advantages were it is never had been compromised at the security issues and hence you don’t does provide any passwords and the usernames , and the disadvantages were this software is having a limitation to the limited notifications and sometimes this software becomes little buggy while your internet is slowed down.
  • Simple Chat Interface
  • Faster Indications of Notifications
  • Easy to Install the software and works on all windows versions


  • No Visibility Options
  • Need to provide Compatibility for both Linux and Mac operating systems
  • They must add more features to like perfect yahoo messenger

Overall review:

If you were a true Facebook lover and just love to hang on to the site and you want to be get handy without logging in the Facebook account to check the status notification and then you should fairly try to this app where you like to be every time get notified and connected directly to your desktop and I am trying this Facebook desktop and does it has its specific uses which are likely good, go it a try by yourself and do get know more about by yourself.



  1. Nice Blog updation. I saw few post in your blog is really excellent.

  2. get ready to chat with your friends at any time with facebook chat messenger on windows desktops. :)

  3. Thanks for the download link.. I searched for it everywhere.

    Will be posting about this too

  4. FYI the application ONLY works with Windows 7. It does not support XP.

  5. I tried Facebook Chat @Desktop, a very simple Skype alike software.

  6. It's a great application but at the same time it's irritating. While doing some important work, you get messages from your friends with this app.

  7. I am glad this has been upgraded to work on windows xp too.
    The facebook chat app rocks

  8. Download link is invalid, or so my internet browser says.