Best iPhone Apps for Medical Students

Today, we are going to provide Top 4 Best Apple iPhone Apps for Medical Students, this apps will be helpful in critical situations whenever someone got severe injury. The fact that iPhone has become popular among mobile phone users is not a secret. This product from Apple has revolutionized the mobile market and has made it more competitive. The entry of the iPhone also brought about the popularity of many technologies such as the development of mobile applications. These apps are available for every types of user. In fact, iPhone users who are in the medical field, whether students or practitioners can get access to a wide variety of iPhone apps developed specifically for them. These apps can simplify the life of those in the medical field by allowing them to access free resources

1. App for Checking Dosages
One of the most popular medical apps for the iPhone is known as Medscape. This app was released in 2009 and has been used by thousands of those in the medical field. The app allows users to check medicine dosages, pricing and interactions. The interface for the app is easy to use and it loads faster compared to other apps. The app also has a section that gives a list of nearby hospitals, pharmacies and physicians. It has an excellent drug reference section that contains more than 6,000branded and generic over the counter drugs. Recently the app was updated to include sections for Clinical Procedures and Diseases and Conditions. Download Here

2. Great App for Reading CT Scans
One app that is a must for medical students or residents is the iRadiology. This amazing iPhone app has a category that displays more than 500 cases of radiology that aim at assisting users improve their MRI, plain film and CT reading skills. These cases include high resolution images that demonstrate classic radiology findings of various numbers of abnormalities. It has an easy to use interface that allows users to scroll and zoom the images in order to study them more carefully. It also has a feature that shows the description of each image and a paragraph discussing the findings. Download Here

3. Medical Calculator App for iPhone
Epocrates is also another popular iPhone medical app. It is almost certain to find a large portion of those in the medical field using this app. The app is available in four versions although the free version has most of the functionalities needed and is quite popular. This version features Drug Interactions section that allows users to know the effects of certain drugs and how to administer them. The app also has the following features; Pill Identifier, Medical Calculator and Drug Info sections. The interface is easy to use and the app loads up very quickly. The app also features an IV Compatibility Checker and Alternative Medicines sections. Download Here

4. Medical Radio iPhone App
Medical Radio is famous for its use of Satellite Radio broadcast feeds to provide medical information. The feeds are then provided to users via this amazing app. This iPhone app allows medical students to keep constantly in touch with the changes in medical field. The app provides peer to peer information that is streamed via a 15 minute program that encompasses a wide variety of topics. It can be a great tool for medical students who want to know what is happening in the field of medicine. Download Here

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  1. The Master Diagnostician Series has a few good apps that are quite useful. One for anemia and another for kidney failure. I also like MedMath.

  2. This is an awesome n useful application specially for doctors n medical students...
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