Top 10 Social CRM Tools of 2011

The Social media revolution is charging forward and has changed the way people connect & communicate. The past several years have seen an increase in online social media communities and the business world is starting to tap into all of the data and conversations to increase sales and customer relationships. Social CRM is emerging as one of the biggest platforms for managing customer relations and the best social CRM tools effectively merge social networks with CRM to help company manage and develop stronger customer relationships. Here are Top 10 Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in 2011 that are worth a look:

1. Rapportive : It is completely free and works only with Gmail. The great thing about Rapportive is that it brings a number of social media contact information right into the email interface. From a business use perspective, Rapportive will automate the work of harvesting and displaying all the recent information associated with the sender of a message. Through this, you can find location information and gain access to the social media sites and services that your contacts use.
2. Simplify360 : Offers a one stop solution to the social media needs of a business and lets you engage with your customers and interpret your social presence. This not only monitor conversations on Twitter whereas on all other Social networking platforms. This tool allows you to View the overall Trend and Download the data on Excel Format.User can view the trend in sentiments and compare between negative and positive trend and many other Insights.
Simplify360 is one of the best tools available as it includes Profile analytics for Facebook and Twitter, and has facility to manage Facebook Page within the tool. This makes life easy for Social Media marketers.

3. BuzzStream: It is another good social CRM tools, creating web-based software that helps marketers promote their products and services. It is all about building relationships or “buzz” as it refers to them. It does this, in part by helping the company build credibility online via researching influencers and tracking relationships. BuzzStream makes it easy to collaborate and delegate actions likely to result in increased sales and improved relationships.
4. SproutSocial Another aggregation service, SproutSocial has a one stop web-based application which provides a number of different, useful data streams about potential customers. It of course organizes relevant social networks in one place and allows the company to find new customers using their unique search technologies. Sprout Social effectively integrates with multiple platforms, using its unique social media dashboard to show you where and how your brand is being discussed across a number of popular social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
5. Batchbook: Integration with a number of web-based apps is one of Batchbook’s strengths. Additionally this social CRM app has mobile versions for iPhone and other smartphones, provides for shared contact management across ones entire organization, and maintains a complete communications history of who one spoke with and what about.
6. Radian6 : It is first and foremost a listening tool, aimed at monitoring the online conversations of targets you identify. It is also a complex tool. Radian6 are focused more on monitoring what is said about your company or other targets you identify.
7. Sugar CRM: One of the open source applications, Sugar CRM is a fast and flexible customer relationship management tool. A number of pricing tiers exist as well as a free, but self-hosted option for those so inclined.
8. KickApps : It is now part of KIT digitalKickApps unique approach is to encourage ones business to develop an entire community with the integration of other social media services into the mix. Their branded community development with integrated social features provides a familiar environment for the savvy social user. They also make it easy to integrate ones new social community into an existing website, provide easy tools for Facebook publishing as well as enabling custom social video players.
9. OptifyLarger : It is one of most prominent organizations may consider the power of Optify in their attempts to use social CRM to further company goals. Optify provides the company with the ability to drive more traffic and leads by optimizing the use of keywords both on the web page and in social media messaging. In order to get justifiable ROI information, Optify also provides near real time data and statistic to let the company always know what’s going on.
10. Nimble : It is the solution to offer small businesses the best features of high-end CRM systems combined with the communication power of social media and collaborative tools.a social relationship manager that unifies all of your contacts, emails, calendar activities and the most popular social channels.


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