How to Scan Wireless Networks on Mac using AirRadar

In this post, we are going to show you tutorial on How to Scan Wireless Networks on Mac OS Using AirRadar Software. Before going to see this procedure, you need to know current available internet options. In this Cyber world everyone wants to surf on the web without any interruptions and disturbances, every individuals are now interested in surfing at their favorite place. This used to be dream a couple of years back now you can access internet through wireless services. Using internet wireless has increased virally from past few years. The main advantages of using this wireless is you can access the internet anywhere in a certain location there is no need to use any wired socket to your device. 
Well there are plenty of tools available on this web which scans the nearest internet connection and says its statics, open and range. For Mac users there is a free utility available for download called AirRadar which helps to scan wireless connections in your surroundings and you can always stay connect with that networks forever. I think this was one of the best application having a lot of features for the Mac lovers and this is a free application available to everyone. You can download this software on your Mac Operating system either in Desktop, Laptop or Notebook. After Installing the software you need to open and scan for the nearest networks around you. 

In addition to scanning the active network it provides some extra ordinary features, like it alerts you with a voice sound or a sound clip whenever it search a new active network surrounded by you. You will be notified on your desktop by the method which you choose for notification. It also have other feature which helps to save the scanned results and you can view it later whenever you have free time.

It saves the complete details of the scanned network around you and ping you with the details. You can make changes to notify you for a certain duration like 15min or 30min for every time duration it scans the network and prepares an report by showing which is the best and healthy network available in your surroundings. It shows the signal strength, noise of the network in a graphical manner. You have specific option to filter the best network among other networks and mark it as favorite network for easily accessing whenever you want. AirRadar will allows you to export the list of the wireless networks that are scanned.
I Recommend all the Mac users to use this free AirRadar software in order to find the best wireless network surrounded by you. As the healthy network will speed ups your surfing speed as well as download speed and watch youtube videos with high streaming. Click on below link in order to download the .dmg file from official site.



  1. wow, thanks.. let me try this just now, thanks again

  2. Nice app. I've tried it for a couple of days on my Mac and it finds networks in supermarkets just fine)

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