Best Covers and Cases for Apple iPhone 5

After searching more covers and cases for iPhone 5. Today I compiled the list Top 5 best covers and cases for Apple iPhone 5. So you brought this shiny new iPhone 5 and you're hopping here and there with it in your old pants. Suddenly the unthinkable happens! The phone drops from your old and loose pants making you regret the joy of your new iPhone. Here comes the need of protection. I'm going to talk about my top 5 favorite cases currently available for the iPhone 5 which will enable your phone to survive those terrible situations which in the end can make you cry. This two things is definitely needed for every iPhone 5 user, one will give you sexy look with apple logo backside and other will protect the device from accidental damage. All this cases and covers are available for USA and UK via Amazon Online store.
1. Bear Motion (TM) Premium Flip Folio Case for iPhone 5 with Non-Frame Adhesive Silicon Technology - (Black) for $9.99
The cheapest but not the one which makes you regret! Full front protection along with that, this cover is textured for better handling of the phone. You can even place your iPhone vertically on a plane surface while watching a movie with the help of this cover. The best and most recommended iPhone 5 case.

2. Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case - Black for iPhone 5 for $9.95
This Rubberized plastic cover for your iPhone 5 will take care of everything you can throw at it. Full side protection along with back cover is a great deal!

3. Kay's Case Hard Skin Cover Case for Apple new iPhone 5 2012 Version with Free Screen Protector for $12.99
Transparent plastic cover for your iPhone 5 which does not bulk up your phone instead it provides you with a toughened case making the iPhone 5 easier to hold and looks better than anything out there.

4. Ionic 4 SLIM Slider Cases with Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 5 for $14.65
The Ionic protection is available for your iPhone 5 various color choices. Let it be blue, black or white, you get much more than anything out there. It covers whole of the phone when not in use to provide extreme protection from any damage.

5. Splash CRUISER Slim-Fit Polycarbonate Slider Case for iPhone 5 for $21.85
Again you get some very neat colors for your iPhone 5 along with a rigid protection. The side lock is also present so as to avoid sudden fall. The made using Polycarbonate, thus giving you a elegant look along with protection for which it has been made.

6. Belkin View Case for Apple iPhone 5 for $19.99
A glossy full body cover which saves your iPhone 5 from all hard core damages that can happen to it, just by falling from a small height. The cover is currently available in black and grey shades.

As the iPhone 5 being an obvious luxury device, it is obvious that some kind of protection is necessary. These are the best cases which I could find affordable and promising.

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