Top 5 Best Popular Google Chrome Extensions

Here we are listing  the Top 5 Best Popular Google Chrome Extensions. All this extensions will helpful for all users and bloggers to get awesome experience while you browsing the interent in Google Chrome Web browser. As a known fact to all that Google chrome internet browser is regarded as the “modern age browser” and is the most popular internet explorer of all times because of it reliable speed, security and thorough user friendly interface. Adding to the already mentioned features the Google chrome comes with add-ons that save a great amount of time and effort to carry out task like checking facebook notifications, website rankings etc. and with all this comes the add-ons that help a blogger to reduce his/her efforts and allow quality blogging. Listed below are the top 5 Google chrome extensions.

1. Alexa Traffic Rank: 

Every blog on the internet has a particular ranking that is provided to it by the posts on the blog, the traffic coming to it, the activities taking place on the blog. Rankings are specially a point of importance to all marketers and in order to check the ranking again and again n by going to alexa is a tedious job and so Google chrome comes with the Alexa traffic rank extension providing the check of the blog directly through it.

2. Awesome Screenshot: 

Awesome screenshot is also a great extension that is provided by the Google chrome and helps the blogger to capture a particular web page or a part of the web page so that the image can be utilized by the blogger on the posts put up by them. It also comes with editing feature that allows the user to edit the screenshot as per the requirement.

3. Google Analytic: 

The analytic summary of one’s blog is also an important requirement of every blogger as he/she constantly needs to check the analytic summery of their blog and can use the Google analytic tool by simply clicking the tool on the Google chrome to get the complete analytic summary of their blog site traffic sources, graphs and locations.

4. Google Adsense: 

A very important reason why almost every blogger starts a blog is to earn online and Google Adsense provides Ads to worth blogs and pays them to do so. As a result it comes in the noticing factor that the blogger needs to check his/her earning on daily, weekly or monthly basis and Google Adsense is a perfect tool to check so without going onto the google adsense website all you have to do is to click the extension to view your earning.

5. Mozbar: 

Mozbar is an extension that helps in the search engine optimization of the website/blog with details about the On-page SEO, Link analysis , domain authority, mozRank (mR) and much more enabling the blog to be able well optimized and on a better level.

Author’s Bio: This guest post has been written by Arsh Kapoor who can also help you find the best mobile deals and cheap phones.


  1. Chrome is really catching up with firefox in terms of extensions. Great post.

  2. This is some thing helpful to do blogging, great list of extensions, article is nice.

  3. Great list , Realy useful for bloggers like me . Thanks for sharing.

  4. Chrome is really catching up with firefox in terms of extensions. Awesome post.

  5. Chrome appears to be faster than Firefox & Explorer but i still think firefox is way ahead of the market in terms of speed, safety and add-ons.