Free SMS Apps For Android Phones

There are several apps for Android that can be used to enjoy easy text messaging. Below we present some of the Top 4 Best and Free SMS Apps for Android Phones which help you to send free sms to your friends. If you wonder how to best enjoy messaging from Android devices using the best of applications, you need to take some time and find out the most promising and useful apps available in the android market which was recently named as Google Play. All the apps provide you free services you will not be charged by sending the text messages to your buddies. One more thing to say all this apps will work only when you have either Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection.

1. IMO Instant Messenger:

The first and foremost app that can be used for this purpose is IMO. It is a cool application that is all-in-one messenger. It is the all-on-one application that does not need the user to have another account in order to remember the login details for. 
IMO further provides the Skype and Myspace options as well. This way, one can store as well as access the chat history online with ease at IMO.  Download It

2. Handcent SMS- why is it is popular? 

In fact, no discussion is complete when we talk of Android applications without giving due time to Handcent SMS. Apart from its amazing messaging features, the application also offers a whole range of customization facilities for users who wish to make the phone’s SMS application more as per their liking. For example, you can easily change opacity and color of chat bubble as well as for the notifications. 
When we talk about notifications, Handcent SMS easily displays the SMS popup so that you can easily respond to message without even exiting the app that you are using currently.
Then, eBuddy is also like IMO in some respects. Here, you get easy to use application with a number of popular and amazing account choices. You just have to create the account and use the messaging services. The amazing service of this app is Hyves. Download It

3. WhatsApp
This amazing application operates in similar fashion to BBM. Indeed, it was developed as the way to prevent being billed by the cell phone service provider to send the SMSs. Apart from its basic and most useful chat feature, Whatsapp users can also send audio notes, pictures, video messages and others to others or the group of friends. Download It

4. KIK Messenger

Another popular and much liked Android app for messaging is KIK. This app went from 30,000 users to over 1 million in just a few weeks of its introduction. The great rise of this app made popularity even on Facebook with various members declaring their availability on this application through the FB status updates
KIK still remains as a great attraction for the Android users. So, these are just a few Android apps that you can use for easy and smart messaging. Use them and enjoy instant messaging in no time. Download It

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  2. Thanks for the list. This is really of great help. Anyway, do you know any counterpart for iOS? Recently bought my iPhone 4s but I'm not really techie when it comes to these things.

  3. Hello Edward next time i will come with best apps for your iPhone 4S. :)

  4. WhatsApp isn't free. It's on trial for one year.

    1. yes after one year you need to renewal it and it costs little.