5 Best Android Games To Boost your Memory and Brain Functionality

Everyone don’t have a great memory , brain etc. you can be master of your brain and memory once you practice and do some exercises. Every day we wake up early in the morning we feel lazy in our thoughts, speed of work will be less than previous day. Since we need little training to boost up the brain functionality. So there are some good games to boost your memory and brain functionality. So let’s train your brain every morning for half an hour. It will surely will get you good results.

Here the List of 5 Best Android Games To Boost your Memory and Brain Functionality
Unblock Me is really a very good puzzle game in android. In this game you need to get the red block out by moving the other slides and the game is so easy to complete if you use your brain with some tactics to get the red block out easily. My advice, Use your brain and smart thinking needed for playing this game.

Free Download Unblock Me For Android

2.Chess Free
Another Great Challenging game is Chess and it is available for download at free cost from android market store. The game contains different levels like novice, beginner and expert etc. Before starting the game you need to select one level mode based on your interest. If you are new to chess game then you need to select novice mode, therefore the game will becomes so easy to play. By playing this game daily half and hour you will be surely observing increasing your thinking and smart moves in your real life too.

Free Download Chess Game For Android

3.Word Search
This Word Search game is old but yet powerful way of increase the mind capacity and memory power. since you need to find the words among the different letters. you need to memorize the words, the game can be achieved by focusing on only one word. If we focus on different words at a time, we can’t find even one. By this game we learn focusing on single thing can leads your problem solved soon. Click on below link for downloading the game.

Free Download Word Search Game

4. Brain Age Test
Brain Age Test game is really an awesome game in android market. you will be displayed the list of numbers, and we need to tap the number in increasing order. The more you win the more level will increase. This will tell your brain age and also increase your memory skills too. We should play this game to boost up our memory capacity

Free Download Brain Age Test Game For Android

5.Scrambled Net
This game really a challenging and very creative thinking game in android market. In this game we have one server and several computers. So we need to connect both server and computer. In order to connect we need to arrange terminals such a way that, every computer gets the data from the server. By playing this game, the planning skills will increase.

Free Download Scrambled Net Game For Android

My Advice to all Android Gamers

Daily play this games in your android phones. Will surely increase your memory skill and brain functionality. Happy Gaming. For more interesting updates Subscribe HERE

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  2. we are always busy in our daily life and my advice is please spend some time and play this games on your android device in order to your mind strategies skills and improve new way of thinking which help to solve problems easily.

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  4. Great buddy !
    Now i can say my dad that i'm developing my memory power using these great apps while i playing Angry Birds :P

    Nice find out :) Keep up the good work :D

  5. Unblock Me is my fav game. Not sure if its bolstered my memory but it certainly drives me crazy when I can't get thru. lol!

  6. Not really a memory a game but I found this tower defense game to be quite a brain teaser. Unlike other games where you just lay down as many towers as you can this one requires some thinking.


  7. I really loved the games specially the Word Search,Unblock me and the Scrambled Net.I think all requires some amount of thinking and are kind of brainteasers.
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