Crysis 2 PC Demo Available for Download

Well EA Games released the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo for PC and users can download the game on internet for free of cost. The new Multiplayer Demo contains various maps, game modes and classes that you can get your hands on. The game developed with new crytek  engine 3 and very well optimized for PC and Console versions like PS3 and Xbox 360. Seriously the gameplay looks very interesting feels like we are really in newyork city and buildings, objects are designed very detailed and most important thing in the game is physics engine, only nvidia gamers can feel the real gaming experience while playing the game in physics engine mode with decent frame rates. 
Therefore the  Final Version of crysis 2 is available on march 22 in 2011 with price tag around 60$ and users can pre-order the game in Amazon site.

In order to Download the Crysis 2 Mulitplayer Demo plz click on these link.

Crysis 2 Gameplay Video 


  1. I'm Impressed with info. you sharing with us and also with layout
    I'm looking forward to see your blogs :)

  2. can't wait :-)

  3. Waited long time for crysis 2

  4. i completed the game with difficulty mode and moreover the graphics in the game are mind blowing.