10 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Monitor Your Brand’s Performance And Results

10 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Monitor Your Brand’s Performance And Results .Social Media Revolution has more to do with the change in the online behavior rather than the emergence of twitter and facebook. Today, people are more open to expressing their opinions online and debating over it. People are more open to sharing news, information and every other aspects of their lives. As a result, social media has become a great platform for market research and trend watch.

This has given rise to many monitoring tools that will let you search for keywords and list out realtime conversations. This has become a massive benefits for enterprise because now they can track down mentions and engage with online customers and gain feedback. 

Here are 10 Social Media Tools to monitor your brand’s performance and results across multiple social media sites.

                Twazzup is a free and easy to use tool. It allows user to type in keywords and instantly received realtime mentions of the brand in Twitter.


Addict-o-matic gathers information about your keywords or brands from across the Web, including Flickr, YouTube, Digg, Google Blogs, as well as all the traditional social media platforms. It is also a free tool similar to Twazzup. The interface is more in the style of news aggregator than a dashboard with statistics.


This is very similar to Twazzup but with added networks which gives you result beyond Twitter. It will show user-defined statistics for your keywords over a thirty day period. It is a free program, but it doesn’t allow for storing historical data or some other premium features most pay monitoring sites offer. There is a convenient display that shows every relevant hashtag, post ranking, source, user, and keyword.


BuzzLogic is a digital media company with a data-driven ad platform built to optimize advertising across the largest pool of trusted blog content on the web. It combines proprietary conversational analytics with industry-leading audience targeting data to maximize performance - and provide contextual insight to boost results.


Scoutlabs uses a simple, user-friendly interface that delivers very powerful analytics about the brand being tracked. The tool is more like a dashboard where users and view the data and gain insights. It also has special categories for online sentiment, mentions, and quotes for further analysis.

 Reputation Defender

Reputation Defender is more about your online identity than brands but it has a fantastic monitoring tool. It helps you preserve and restore your reputation in social media. It also allows you to keep track of your children, your privacy, and your brand. A feature called MyEdge helps you deal with the results that Google serves up about you.


Brand watch is paid tool that allows you to track your brand and give automated sentiment analysis. Special tools for marketing, agencies, PR and reputation, and brand management make this an indispensible tool for monitoring your performance in social media.


Currently Radian6 is the most powerful social analytics tool available. It is also the most popular tool over any other tool. It lets you listen, engage, and plan in one handy desktop application. It tracks all your brands, services, and keywords across every social network platform simultaneously. It extends performance searching to include blogs, forums, photo and video sites, comments, and millions of other sites on the Web. radian6 aggregates data from all across the Internet, filters and segments it, and reports and charts it for you based on a host of user definable and selectable metrics.

Alterian SM2

Alterian’s Social Media Engagement Solutions allows you to easily capture and analyze data from social media channels to understand customer sentiment, brand loyalty, audience reach, etc.  In addition to monitoring, it also allows you to engage with people mentioning the brand.


Simplify360 is yet another brand monitoring tools with features closet to radian6, with standard dashboard for analytics and automated sentiment classifier. Unlike other tool, its search goes beyond Twitter and searched for facebook, social bookmarking sites, youtubes, blogs, news and so on. It allows user to intelligently put the mentions in a tab structure and engage with people in realtime. Its dashboard includes advance analytics like demographics and location of the mention with downloadable data. Beside monitoring, it also has great social media campaign creation and team collaboration. 


  1. Hi there,

    I'm not sure if my comment went through, but I wanted to say nice list. There are other buzz monitoring agencies like Trackur (inexpensive) and Synthesio (I work with them ;) -- multilingual and services wrapped around the tool) that tend to work well.


  2. If in the market for an affordable but nifty Social Media Monitoring tool, give Actionly a try. We track across various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, Youtube, News and Google Buzz.
    Actionly has a graphical social media dashboard with all data is exportable in excel, daily email alerts to name a few features.

  3. Thanks for covering Simplify360. Just to add, we come with 15 days free trial.

  4. Good list. I'd also add StepRep to it though which is provided by VendAsta Technologies, the company I work for. Our reputation monitoring is designed specifically for small and medium businesses. We monitor the usual sources, including local media, social networks, and consumer review sites. We even integrate with your company's Facebook and Twitter accounts. Check it out, first month is free. www.steprep.com

  5. I like this list also! A lot of lists include both free tools and pay tools. We got curious about the relative effectiveness of free vs pay, and so compared Google Alerts and Brandwatch (our preferred brand monitoring tool) on the basis of overall coverage, speed of mention tracking and average mention quality, among other things: http://bit.ly/eRRmju

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    Data Analyst

  6. Great post. Thanks for sharing it. I bookmarked your site for future reference.

  7. Sorry I missed this article earlier. For price, features and simplicity, Viralheat (www.viralheat.com) is hard to beat. Used by major companies in 60+ countries. Great for tracking the impact of your social and PR campaigns across a number of channels, as well as identifying top influencers and engagement opportunities. Join me for a demo on 1/27/11: http://ow.ly/3HjHg.
    Erik, @viralheat_erik

  8. Great list. These tools are very helpful. Will use one or more of these tools for my business.

  9. In terms of paid for systems for monitoring social media and online reputation, do you have an opinion on the best systems to use. Radion6 comes up a lot but I wondered on your thoughts.

  10. great post, i bookmarked this post.now know the social plattforms to boost traffic to my sites.


  11. Social media monitoring has its use case scenarios in a business environment, especially for competitive analysis, understanding reach, fostering relationships, and finding industry leaders. It also helps with reputation management and several other things. These are great for many businesses, especially those with no previous exposure to social media marketing techniques. However social media monitoring tools lack some crucial features necessary to any enterprise user looking to find more than “mentions” about their company.

    Social media monitoring doesn't give you the ability to bring in third party data / analysis (whether manually or automatically) or even manually import non-social data. This hinders the ability to correlate the data gleaned from social conversations back to their core business metrics. Tying everything back to the business is arguably the most important concern for a c-suite exec.; social media monitoring simply falls short in connecting these dots.

    Social media business intelligence is the level above social media monitoring. Not only does one get all the functionality of a high quality social media monitoring tool, but one can also tie everything back to those crucial core business performance indicators. For the c-suite executive, this relationship between social data and core business metrics is most important takeaway from social conversations online.

    Take a look at these two infographics, highlighting this type analysis (in a rudimentary and easy-to-understand visual):


    I totally agree that this level of detail isn’t necessary for many small and mid-sized business, even some enterprises who are totally clueless when it comes to social media analytics. However, for enterprise companies looking to really understand the impact of social on business performance, social media business intelligence is the way to go.

    - Sergei Dolukhanov
    @sdolukhanov (twitter)