People are addicted to Apple Products like Wine Lovers and Discount Coupons of iPhone 5 are getting ready while iPhone 4S was released into market!

We all are aware of the fact that iPhone 4S is the latest of  Apple iPhone Models which was launched under great expectations. While most of the Techiez expected the iPhone 5 to roll out, but breaking all the shackles, Apple surprisingly unveiled iPhone 4S.

I’ve read an article on Mashable, Gizmodo and TechCrunch just few hours before the launch of iPhone 4S, that Apple may release iPhone 4S not iPhone 5. Even a lot of iPhone apps are creating wonders in apple itune stores and it has already crossed the milestone of 14billion apps downloads.Yeah, I though the articles on these sites were having certain information for sure. Since, the sequence of iPhone is as follows iPhone - > iPhone 3G -> iPhone 3 GS -> iPhone 4 -> iPhone 4S, so there must be definite logic for sure. 

As, we all know Steve Jobs, the Man behind the every success of Apple fell sick and was dead just 2 days after iPhone 4S was launched. Many people criticized the current CEO of Apple as he was not able to create any interest among the customers and released almost same piece of iPhone again.
But, you are wrong. Apple managed to release iPhone 4S with exciting features. In the mean while many of the Apple lovers waited for over 1 year and expected the iPhone 5 to roll out. Lot of buzz about Apple iPhone 5 was going around the web which might have made Apple lovers to Search for Coupons of Wine bottles of Laithwaites Wine and Zagat Wine Discount available in the nearby bars or restaurants.

Many SEO companies, Top mobile network service providers are busy in their business expecting Apple to launch their iPhone 5. It was expected that over $5 Million business was done between the companies with the rumor that next mobile from Apple would be iPhone 5. Now most of these companies must be thinking about the best alternatives that they can do in order to get out of all those useless expenditures. 

Few Web-Masters have booked Domain Names on iPhone 5, while few others have decided to make money with jailbreaking advertisements and many more elements have created huge loss for the individuals in the market, but still all these elements helped Apple iPhone 4S a great publicity. This is what is called a perfect marketing strategy that every Apple Employee will have in them and this is what they were taught. 

Steve Jobs the Man with Vision had laid a phenomenal path for Apple’s future as well. As Steve said in Apple iPad 2 conference that “There is still lot more to come” and you are going to enjoy them. This is what I meant by vision. He had provided the raw data for Apple for next few decades making their destination clear and simple. 

In our next post, we’ll be deal with Apple iPhone 4S features which you need to consider and also we’ll help you to decide whether it is necessary to upgrade your iPhone 4 to 4S or not.

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