Download Angry Birds Game for Windows 7 and XP

As you all know that Angry Birds is most popular game on mobile gaming platform and the latest news is the game available for download to play on windows xp, vista and windows 7 PC operating systems. But the bad news is the game is not free version to play, you must buy it from the online market at cheap price tag 4.99$. Even the  Angry Birds game has also been awarded with the best selling and popular game in 2010 year. And you also think how the game was got so much popularity from all over the world because the game was already launched on mobile devices like Android, iPhone and Nokia.

They have specially added some interesting new features for these Angry Bird game in order to entertain the gamers a lot because some users already played these game on other mobile platforms except PC platform.

Physics mechanism makes the game very reality to play, so the gamers will not feel boring when they playing the game constantly.

Newly added 255 levels and lots of different stages, each stage have unique strategy to kill all the pigs with one angry bird.

By Click the below link you can download the game from official site and you can also find free version  of these game on torrents and other file hosting server.

Watch the Angry Birds Game play on PC


  1. I love Angry bird game for windows 7, I will, download, install and play this game.

  2. angry birds is the one of my favorite game. i like this gaeme. i play all the session.
    to download this game for free visit at :

  3. Wow...another free game...thanks a lot. I'll download it right now!

  4. i completed the whole game on both PC and android phone waiting for new stage levels. :)

  5. Thanks for this great share shenoyjoseph, very appreiciate for this...may GOD Bless u

  6. i love this game.